2 03 2010
Photography & text by: Kotti22

When i was making this picture, my brother was standing in front of me, reciting a hadith about the prophet Mohamed (PBUH) compaignon who forgive peoples every day he promised him paradise, i was not knowing that moment i will loose my brother the next day, I hope he will forgive me.
I did not know why & how I made this picture, it does not related in anyway with my comment but i hold this lesson thanks to my Brother: Forgive People as much as you can.



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2 03 2010

It was so difficult to create this post…but as we said: »we share more than photos ». When we see a photo we don’t know what’s behind …so forgive our funny , « foolish » comments sometimes … we just want to make life smiling for each one.

Allah yarahmou w’yessma7ana

2 03 2010

Allah yarahmou.

Ici on parle pas trop technique ou de splendeur de photo comme en parle de morales et de reflexions.
c’est vrais il faut pardonner et profiter de ceux qui nous entourent au maximum.
Quand je vois maintenant cette photo je pense pas au match algerie egypt comme le jour ou kotti22 l’avais poster. Mais que ce pays a perdus beaucoup de gens innocents vraiment beacoup… »il faut pas l’oublier:.

2 03 2010

inna lillah wa inna ilayhi raji3oun , jabarakoum allahou fi mousibatikoum wa khalafa lakoum kharan minha
allah yarhmou w ywassa3 3lih
rabbi nchallah yejme3na fi jennat enna3im

2 03 2010

Dear Kotti22,

i don’t find words to express myself. usually, we used to see pictures and make silly, serious or even funny comments. we do not care about the moment that this picture had been taken. however, photography tends to freez moments, hours, and seconds. it is all about that! but we don’t ask about it. only if the photographer wants to share.

I have been deeply touched with your story. Ina Li Lah Wa Ina Ilayhi 3adji3on, Alah Inchaalah Ya3tikom El Seber.

thanks the all those who contributed to the making of this blog. I do believ it will make us more than a family.

3 03 2010
Kamel Eddine

Thanks all, i am really happy to share this moments with you.
You are my second family🙂

4 03 2010

Ina liAllah wa ina ilayhi raji3oun
God bless his soul.

Forgive People as much as you can.

Sometimes it is hard to forgive…

4 03 2010
Kamel Eddine

ohh I know Benteldjazair, but if you can not forget just try to help them when they need, but you can get away from because you may not bed recovered from your wounds,.

4 03 2010
pseudo elle

allah yerahmou… c’est vraiment touchant ce que tu as ecris, on regardera plus cette photo de la meme façon !! c’est une grande lesson et le pardon c’est essentiel… nchallah rebi i kederna deymen lel khir!!

4 03 2010

ah ! mais c’est donc là que vous vous cachez !!!
je pouvais toujours tourner sur flickr !!!
bious à tous !!!

4 03 2010

salut kotti , j’avais écris mon comm ci dessus hier et il n’a pas été validé ; ce soir je l’ai posté avant de lire ton message … toutes mes condoléances mon ami , allah yarehmou !!!!

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